nama dia sofea

suke buat2 muke bile bergmbar

sofea was son of my brother .her age is four years old . i like talk with her even she cant speak clearly . her make me smile and laugh when we talk . i will ask her whatever question and her will answer with nonsense . attitude of sofea is sometime temper . and i hate when she cry . coz sgt kuat dan lame . i cant stand dengan bunyi dyer nangis . i will beg she to not cry but she is degil . susa nk pujuk dyer kalau da nangis . nk tak nak pujuk jugak smpai dyer tak nangis . mybe geletek dyer .or give wht she want .

time mkn dyer . bile org mkn . time tuh la dyer nk mkn . tp bile da mkn punye la lame . but ok la . give her makanan bnyk2 so that she will growing rapidlyt . bcoz she look skinny but comel . dia suke mkn sume yg nenek dyer masak . never fussy with wht my mom cook . and she very like kuew tiaw . pedas kowt . tp dyer telan jerk .

sofia love painting and scribbling when my mom busy at kitchen becoz she bored on working day . kesian dyer .
when she feel bored with painting . she will come to her grand mom and "tolong nenek dyer buat kerja" . and my mom will give something that can she sit with silence and play wht my mom give to her . dalam diam2 dyer kadg2 akan kacau jugak mak sy wat kerja . susa nk jaga dak sofia nie . cepat boring kowt .

time tidur bese nye tidur awal sbb siang jarang tidur . tp kalau ade yg melayan dyer . lmbt la jd nye . she will sleep with my mom or mak su dyer . ngan pak su dyer never . . .

tp dlm kebhgiaan yang ada pd sofia mgkin time dyer kecik jerk . bile da besar nnti and da tahu sume yg tersurat and tersirat . tak tawu la ape yg jadi akan dtg nnti . sama2 la 1family berdoa utk kesejahteraan dan semoga tidak terjadi apa2 yg tidak di ingini akan dtg pada NURUL SOFIA BINTI ABDULLAH  . . AMIN !! . . ..

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