Type of Mould

In mould have some type of mould . the basic of mould is 2 plate mould . to make it not to hard compare other type . only difficult at the core and cavity . depend on the product . for complex shape the manufacturing will be complicated .

2 Plate Mould

Other type is 3 plate mould . this type to make it not too easy . a bit difficult than 2 plate mould . the product produce from this type is same as 2 plate mold . but the difference is system to produce a product . as example, cup also can produce by 2 plate mold . but the best way is 3 plate mold , because the system suitable for produce this product.

3 Plate Mould

For produce a product that involving assembly like a mouse, mean the product use screw, it using mold from type unscrewing mould . this type too difficult to manufactured. very complicated and precise. 

Unscrewing Mould

other type is side core and cavity mould and sliding mould . this type needed to much angle during fabricate . being this type to difficult to make .

Side core mould                                                      
Sliding mould

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