depressed with mould design

why why why . that time i fed up with mould design . because of wht.? i feel depressed with this subject because had calculation . in designer subject i think no need calculation . but the reality it have and must be mster with calculation so that after graduate can be designer of mould . if me cant catch up this sbject, huuuuuhhh~~k.o in industry .

in this subject need calculate such as clamping force, injection and mould temperature, circle time of product, cavity and core, gate, runner, and pressure of injection as well . for this calculation must know about data of material, also technical data for moulding machine.

even i dont love calculation but i must master for this subject bcoz it is very important think in mold maker work . so i think i must study hard about this sbject . only calculation for me its very hard in mould design and other so far O.K . syukur kepada ALLAH . ALHAMDULILLAH . good luck for me . . . . ~~~

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