Mould Design Presentation

Im so happy cause today this subject presentation already finish and also get finish a class for this subject . Before get finish a slide and report writing our group had to struggle for finish this task . i start to do our assignment on wednesday 25may2011 . wake up from sleep direct go to my table and on lappy for done my task . our group has 3person and we'll had devide individual task . my task is need to prepare 3D view moulding, mold flow analysis and mould animation . for this item i dont know how to make it and as i know it is not easy to do but i had to finish all items that i mention above . but for 1st step i just do research at internet and try N error how to make it . i only know how to create 3D view Mould but it not good and i need to explore on the internet how to create it .

Clock show around 3am and i already knew how to create mold in 3D view with effective . i make it with serious effort until clock show at 10am on thursday and in the evening our group need to met my TTo to show our draft and at the same time i have practical test for grinding technology . now i only want know how to creat mold animation and mold flow analysis . at last i know well how to create it by using inventor 2011 after learning from tutorial . OMG . my work is done after not sleeping 1night until evening but i feel sad after met our TTo cause need to adjust mold base size . so i had to create it from 0 . DAMNNNNN . i think can sleep enough after this and just wait tomorow to present but not like i think . so i sleep 2hour b4 i continue my task at 11pm and make it with fast just take 5hour to make it back . so i can sleep .????ohhh no . . . i forgot the mold flow analysis and other think i must settle 1st b4 sleep and at the same time my freind need my favor to teach them how to create mold animation but i said cant because too late for learning and also no have time to them create mold animation . so i just tell them i can teach how to create mold flow analysis only . that mean i still cannot go to sleep early

after teach them i clean up and updated all document to get right into slide and report such as print screen to get a picture and merge all files into one document only so that not troublesome during presentation . clock show 6.30am and i think all my task already done . so i lay on my bed then not until 5 mnute was asleep then until wake up 10am . OMG . my presentation . our members late to attend that class then my friend call i said only leave 1 group to come turn our group . are in hurry that time . arrive at my class room my friend told me your presentation at 3p.m and must submit your report also but my report not yet finish . just now i think i can sleep back but not . i must help my friend to finish it . 

3pm and presentation start . it only take a few mnute to done and my TTo not many ask the question to our group . just have a few thng to be comment because it wrong . that all . and im so proud because only my group has mould animation and mold flow animation . i so happy today . then i can sleep after that but not because i still writing at my blog . huhhhhhhh!!!! im so sleepy but i cant sleep cause i want updated my blog. huhuhu ~~~~~ . . Setle 1 matter and has 1 project will be done nx week then i wait only final exam . .!!!!!!!!! GOOD LUCK FOR ME

my eyes . 2 day not sleep well

Mould Flow Analysis

3D view Mould Design

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