SEM 2 - Finish

For sem 2 we all learn wht i have learn during sem 1 only upgrade to level 2 . only a few subject had a added such as German Language, Islamic Studies, and for technical subject not additional . just Basic Cutting Process and methodology has been remove and no level 2 .

Has many presentation and report writing . for hand on project only for Milling Machine and Lathe Machine . Milling project has 2 project . 1 project for assembly and other 1 is V block . this project is grouping . For Lathe  has 1 project only assembly project and this project is individual .

English, Islamic Studies, Material science has presentation and writing report . this task is grouping . For material science our group has select a Hybrid as a task . Hybrid not easy to search the information and Alhamdulillah pass all subject . and my pointer has increased . SYUKUR!!! . . .

Lathe Project

Lathe Project

Lathe Project

Milling Project (v block)

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