Stripper Mould

Why i mention this topic because nx asggment i had choose stipper mould for our mould design . b4 that i dont know detail about stripper mould but for this time i must explore about this mould type .

wht i have get from internet and my lecturer about this mould is it same like 2 plate mould or standard mould . the different is for standard mould them eject use ejector pin and for stipper mould use stripper plate for eject the product .

so ,only that i get from this refference . and i must explore deeptly about this topic . bcause i want present about stripper mould . so i must know detail and also know how to design this mould so that my lecturer cant "bahan" our group . . .

I will update my blog wht i have done for this task sooonnn . . . .

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