Exciting Semester 3

Sem 3 have a done and many thng i have learn . sem 3 its very busy with project, report, slide presentation and etc.

On this sem, many new subject and also have old subject . for new subject is Mould Manufacturing, Mould Technolgy, Press tool Technology, CNC Miling Machine and Grinding Machine . for old subject were is English, german language and mathematic

The best subject is Mould Manufacturing because we all has 1 project to do is to fabricate 1 unit mould to produce Book Mark ( 2 plate Mould ) . this is the new things have i learn and never know about this subject before but now i already know how to fabricate mould and the construction in mould . for this subject we have learn how to prepare process plan, detail drawing, and know all component in mold and how to fabricate it like machine the plate and assembly all component .


Mould Technology and press tool technology is only theory and has report writing and presentation . For mould technology our group has select hanger plastic for assignment . just want know how to produce this product and what type mould that suitable for this product . Press Tool Technology a bit boring and many calculation and i dislike calculation . for this subject our group has given an assignment entitled Blanking Die. it not too easy to explore about this type of die .

German Language and English has 1 mini project had to done by our group . German language need to create a model for plan house by using cardboard and polystyrene and all building or furniture need to be label by German language . English were is need to create whatever product but must be which is not in the market and need to use new technology and design . Our group has designed 1 product is called Curve Circuit Art is take from goggle image and has been modified in terms of material, design, and function.

 German Language Project

English Project

CNC Machine also has 1 project . but for 1st our TTO need our group design 1 project for cutting in machine but the task has been change to only cutting use TTO design . In CNC machine need operate by grouping and each group has 2 person . in this subject has learn how to operate machine such as cutting process, change tool, set zero at the workpiece by use end mill cutter and transfer the ISO programming.

Grinding Machine is very simple subject because the project it too easy and has 2 project must be done . 1 project is just grind the parallel workpiece and 2nd grind the angle workpiece by using special vice and it also easy .

Final exam only has 8 subject and the killer paper is mathematics, and press tool technology because has a calculation . i dont like this topic . but Alhamdulillah all subject i pass and my pointer also has increase.
See the next sem 4 . i will update for sem 4 subject and wht have i do in that semester

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