Sem 4 Done!!!

22 June 2011 my last paper and last day at GMi befor go to practical at Johor . will be back after 4 month and start from this my responsible as student at GMi will be tough and more to Final Year Project*FYP . FYP is the important project before going to working environment.

Sem 4 what i have learn is more to design and technology machine which is we all had to complete project and other tasks that given. For this semester only 1 subject for LAN, 2 subject about design, 4 subject about machine and 1 subject about how to use engineering software.

Our group has learn 4 technology machine and know how to operate that machine. Each machine has project to complete by individual and as usual must have report writing . EDM machine divide by two type and one of them is Wire Cut and Die Sinking.


Cylindrical grinding machine is easy to operate and some topic cannot be done because time does not permit. CNC machine also cannot be complete a project because no tool. Feel not satisfied when my project cannot be done. On software engineering i have learn how to generate machine program so that easy to make machining on what ever project you want make and GMi use software POWERMILL 10 to allow student use.

Cad Cam Design
CNC Turning Design

Mould design and 3D drawing is difficult subject but easy to get marks from TTO just complete the design and presentation but to do the design not easy.


Tea Pot&Cup

Sem 5 will be start next week by monday and on that day is started practical . ~JUST MAKE IT SIMPLE~

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Syafiqah Asman said...

boleh tahu tak macam mana weekly report untuk fyp1 eh?

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