Wonderful Day and Good Game Futsal

2 june 2011 at 2.00am game is over . and the winner is . . . no loser and all winners . actually that not important for me and all my friend for that game . but the important thng is we all can spent time together before we all will be going to practical on july 2011 and the exam period is almost . that why we all including my class (MOULD TECH) , DIE TECH. class and also other friend not from GMi has join me together to play futsal at galaxy court on 1june2011 at 11pm . we only take 2 hour to playing it .

That time i feel so happy and good day for me and i believe my friend also has feel wht i feel . i had enjoy that game even a bit tired on that time and very satisfied with our group performance on the court . congrate for them . 4 hours of time has passed and it was time to go hostel from hanging out at mamak

thanks to all my classmate and other friend  for make the night be very wonderful with the game futsal and spent time together until 4a.m . thanks for all that involved . I LOVEd THAT TIME


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