My pointer is upgrade.?

In the morning my friend has text me to order me call admin for asking about pointer. I very excited to call admin to know my pointer and also nervous. Admin say my pointer GPA is 2.96 and CGPA is 2.46. Aauuuu!!!~ i never expect that i can get that value and also my partner group a.k.a my roomate at GMi get value that never expected.

When i call my classmate to ask the pointer and them give answer that me to be confuse because last semester them get GPA 3 above but for semester 4 get GPA below me and not 3 above. I can't believe that because why my pointer is up and them must be down. If my pointer up them should be up also because them more clever than me. I'm worried if me wrong heard that my pointer is 2.96.

Anyway if true that my pointer is 2.96, thanks to Allah s.w.t

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