Avoid Your Facebook Account HACKED

Many of the way to avoid your facebook account hacked but this is the simple way to you follow, even then if u want your facebook account not hacked.


Hide your email from appear on your info page. How to hide email on your facebook page.? 

Go to your profile >click info >on contact information click edit >on edit page, you have selection which is you must select either "only me or public" >select only me

This step to avoid hackers know your email, because with email only your facebook will be hacked.


If you don't want follow step 1, u must be create a privacy for your email account which is you need to add phone number on your email account and need to change always your security question. How to setting it.?

Log in your Facebook email account >go to account info >on sign in and security section click update password - reset info >add your phone number and you will get a notification on your phone. After that change question and answer

This step to allow you get a notification from yahoo security directly on your phone if any hacker that to want hack your email account. Your email account also get a same notification.

Example notification from Yahoo security to tell you have hackers want hack you account


Don't click any link from people unknown which is some link need to you enter the email facebook and password also people u know that give weird link or needed you enter password and email. Beware from this trick. 

Example trick from hackers

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