What more important things on the interview?Experience or Certificate .?Actually both are is important during interview session, but the first things manager or who interviews you will be ask you is your certificate and then your experience.

Sometime, who don't have certificate got accepted working at the company but must be have experience at least 3 or 5 years on same field. Im taking about engineering field and it different with other field like law, account, or management. For that field i think certificate more important .

Base on my experience on engineering field, certificate and experience is balance but the different is your salary. If u have only certificate but u don't have experience, your salary is small and maybe u will accepted wrok for that company and u can do anything base on your study before. If u have only experience but dont have certificate, u will be got accepted from the company but if your experience not matching with on what your apply, you can't got it even you have 5 years experience.

Experience only easy to get job on your field and focus to one position but different if u have certificate, u can got any position on your field even you do not have any experience working before. Other word is certificate as "Batu Loncatan" to easy get any job.

In my field, many people get job with experience only but there are must be CINA people or INDIA, for MALAY so hard to got job in engineering industry if don't have experience and certificate. SO, certificate is important to easy get any job and experience important to backup you for get a job and demand a salary

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