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Some of My Belongings. Lets i story about it

 Edifier C3 just buy from and it is second hand but the price is like a new one *RM250*
I buy this one because my old one speaker had stole by my Warden
 In hostel i can't breathe without speaker or sound like Disco
My old speaker same brand is edifier but forget the model~miss old one~
This Speaker actually for PC but nowww~~

 ~~ I use it for my DVD players . .
You see my television . . it also buy from
Feel some suck at hostel and decide to buy one and the price is only RM150
Even from but the quality is good.

 My Mp3 and i buy on 2009 time first week in GMI.
The Price is only Rm150 and that model not in market anymore.
It in good condition and can play but only the sound a bit slow.

 This is my second laptop and the brand is Compaq CQ40.
Before i use Lenovo but the laptop i have give to my younger sis
I buy it use My Loan *MARA* only Rm1500 and i think i want upgrade for new model
Use compaq i think better than Acer or Lenovo because the performance it good
Also quality of Sound and Cam, Compaq more better than Acer.
Not Believe it, try use Compaq~~

 My Nokia 5730 also buy use My loan and it second handphone
I buy it on 2010 and the price on that time is RM14++
but now the price i think is below 1K or 1K1++
Use this handphone a bit boring but the quality of sound if good
Just quality of camera not too good

Once i get a loan from MARA, the 1st things i buy is Handphone Nokia 5800
And i just buy EP type and not original from AVAXX
That why the quality of performance not good, always hang but~~
I love that screen because i so satisfied when watch MTV like as picture above

Things that will be my belongings

After this, i want use Altec Lansing Model, it wonderful surround and bass

Use Ipad 2 for replace My Laptop but it only networking. :(

Love play guitar but not expert to play it, just for fun and hobby
Boring play KAPOK guitar . .

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