Blue Word On Facebook

How to change your word will be blue color in facebook
copy paste this coding
 @@[0:[300376856657636:1: Tulisan BIRU anda disini ]] 

Change Tulisan BIRU anda disini to own ur word
and post to ur status on facebook or sent comment
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3 Say Something:

Yasmin ♥ said...

Tak jadi pun . tipu tipu ! Hahha :D

gmiDOTstudent09 said...

la ye ke .? copy benda ni

@@[0:[290862160939154:1: Tulisan BIRU anda disini ]]

tulisan biru anda disini tuka kepada ayat awk

@@[0:[290862160939154:1: yasmin suke blogging ]]

♥tyka.atiqah♥ said...

ta jdi pown... tipu larhhh

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