Finish Practical and Start With New Life

Yesterday I have finish my practical period and the next monday will register as Sem5 at my college. In Sem 5 i had give a at least 1 idea for Final Project as we go into Final Semester next year.

Just have 1 day for spent time with my family before go to bangi on Sunday and maybe 2 week again i will back here. Not enough time for me to hang out with my friends and make me sad to leave my hometown tomorrow but its ok just make it simple.

Felt nervous to facing new sem with new subject which is need more attention to make it successful and my target for this semester is get 1 best idea for brings it next semester as my project but it not easy to things 1 product to propose with my supervisor and will produce in next semester.

In 16 week I as practical student i have more experience to make my project success and I promise in my life to work hard and study hard for make it as Best Project during grad. So i hope also my friend, my readers, my group to pray for my project success and will be called as BEST PROJECT, InsyaAllah

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