Progress Final Year Project Proposal

Kejap sngt masa berlalu dengan FYP 1 nieee . Rs kejap sngt da sbln lebih aku hadapi hidup dengan membuat kerja proposal nie.

Untuk last entry, aku ade update mengenai Aku Sebagai Designer, for that entry is mould concept progress and next is Assemble Drawing. Now is preparing for Detail Drawing, Project Schedule, Project Costing and Process Plan. Selain tuh aku sbgai designer perlu membuat 3D view and Animation of Mould for Presentation by next week on Thursday.

Mould Concept - to propose what type of mould want use.
Assemble Drawing - same as mould concept but need a detail with dimension, quantity of component need use and so on.
Detail drawing - Draw for 1 by 1 part of mould and need detail.
Project schedule - schedule for fabrication
Project costing - total cost for fabrication, part and others
Process plan - step by step to fabricate of mould

Penamat untuk final year project 1 dah hampir and debaran pun makin tinggi worried if my presentation is rejected and must be re do again. Aku tak spent time lama2 di GMi nihhh~~~ aku nk balik awal. so pray for me to make sure my presentation will be accepted. THANKSSSS

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