About 2012

  • Hope 2012 make my parent/family more closely and happy always.
  • Hope 2012 make my life more meaningful, get more knowledge, improve in terms of religion
  • Hope 2012 I get finish my study and get a Diploma
  • Hope 2012 I get a best project on Final Year Project
  • Hope 2012 I will get job.
  • Hope 2012 I get a true love (huhuhu)
  • Hope 2012 malaysia more developed, no illegal demonstration, no chaos.
  • Hope 2012 world be in peace, peaceful and prosperous.


3 Say Something:

aReLaN said...

hepi new year!!!towards better future.hoho

nitnot said...

no chaous , i like it and teringat someone . Hm . Heheh

Mishter Izwän said...

@nitnot awk ingt kt sape.? pkwe erh, dyer suke wat chaos ke

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