Jamming time

For   release   tension   i   always   jamming   with   my   house mate   after   work   hard   with   project   proposal   and   the   suitable   time   is    2 a.m. huuuhhhh~~. play    song    like    smell like teen spirit,     i dont belong here, and     the best song is      bibir mesra jiwa parah .      huhuhu

But     this    only    unplugged,     i just     want    them    play    until     enough and    better    than    me    then    will    going    to     studio     to    record. hahahaha.     Actually,     that     is     moment     for     me     in     the    house    with    my    friend    except    play card    and     watch a movie.     Jamming    can     make    me     happy     and     forget     all     problem     for a moment. 

DONT        SEPARATE       ME      WITH       GUITAR,      I  WILL        STUCK,       HANG        AND       SO       ON

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