Protect Your Picture From People Copy

Hi Members,

I wanna share to all blogger that is want the picture on blog not copied from people that come visit your blog.
This is important for girl because someone maybe love with your picture then copy your picture for malicious.

Firstly, you must disable right click ( click here to get code )
Second, you must  disable right click ( click here to get code )
Last, insert link (any link such as Nuffnang ads) on picture while you making post/entry

In you think this entry can help you, please click here

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Nurfarahana A.Aziz said...

oh macam best tpi lagu ape kat blog ni..buat kami goyang kepala..heeee....nak tahu ! nak tahu !

Mishter Izwän said...

@Nurfarahana A.Aziz lagu tuh lagu britney spears bertajuk criminal .cari la

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