In this week I no blog walking, I mean not many because not in mood for this thing!! Tired maybe and absolutely have ulcer in my mouth make my mood lost!!

I do not know what wrong with me in this week, feel sad, feel nervous, feel sick like have something is wrong!!Maybe my birthday is already near, huhuhu . . .

Gambar Sekadar Hiasan

Feel bored with blog walking, chatting, play guitar, hang out, and only mood on watch movie, drama at my laptop. Take 2 day for finish BLOGGER BOY and 1.5 day to finish KAMI and just now finish KAMI THE MOVIE. I do not know how much I have watch that movie and drama, but I love this drama that broadcast on 8TV!!why they have not making a new season for this drama? :(

That only I feel for this week and after that I will busy with my final year project, stay tuned for project manufacturing updated in this blog. I have only a day before back to bangi hope everything will be ok!!!Good Night . . . .THANKS

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nur_za said...

alo..npe ni..tian ye..kembalikan mood dia cpt

Cik Aini Lavender's said...

never mind..sumtime moody is normal as human..just relax and do wat u like til ur mood cme back later =)

KaK LimAh Si SupiR said...

adkh nk mention bday? :P

Qil_H0shi said...

hrp2 cpt semboh :)
epy bday :)
*nx wish awl2 takot terlupe.,
eh.,brthday kite pon xlame lg da.,haha

Miss Nadya said...

kene ulser??letak garam..:)

bila bufaday??hehe...:)

nad pun sibuk sebab banyak data nk kene key in..:(

sbtu ahad kene keje..nak cari maklumat punya pasal..cemburu tengok org lain happy2..:(

Miss Nadya said...

p/s :: tak tahu lah fesbukis ada game ke tak..huhu..tapi facebookis leyh edit profile nyer..:)

tengok nad punya profile..

Nurul Aisyah said...

alaaaa jgn sedih

ツ Bieaz ツ said...

bile ur besday??
nak saya nyanyikan tak....mesti mood awak okey balik hehehe

smoga cepat sembuh.... :)

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